Struggling to Pitch Your Tent? Doctor Warns COVID Could Be to Blame
Struggling to Pitch Your Tent? Doctor Warns COVID Could Be to Blame
Struggling to Pitch Your Tent? Doctor Warns COVID Could Be to Blame
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Struggling to pitch your tent? Doctor warns COVID could be to blame

By Johanna Garner

If you’ve been experiencing some trouble getting intimate it may be best to pay a visit to a health professional as one doctor has warned that erectile dysfunction may be a side effect of COVID-19.

An infectious diseases doctor has recently warned that coronavirus may end up having a long term impact on our performance in the bedroom in the form of erectile dysfunction.

Dr Dena Grayson spoke to NBC Chicago's LX calling the issue a ‘cause for concern’. She explained to the news outlet:

There is some real concern here that men could have long-term issues of erectile dysfunction from this virus because we know that it causes issues in the vasculature.

Despite many people making a full recovery from the virus, COVID-19 has also been known to cause long term side effects such as ‘long COVID’ and apparently erectile dysfunction. Dr Grayson continued:

This is something that is of real concern - [it's] not just that this virus can kill you, but can actually cause long-term, lifelong, potentially, complications.

Grayson went on to warn that just because vaccines may be on their way, people shouldn’t let their guards down as the more people get infected, doctors and researchers are going to see ‘more and more of these long term, negative consequences of infection.’

The warning comes just after the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was released in the UK, the first country to approve the vaccine for mass rollout.

The MHRA has assured the public that the vaccine is safe and has even proven to have a 95% efficacy rating.

One 90-year-old lady has recently taken the leap to be the first person to take the jab, while the second person in line for the vaccine was none other than William, not that one.

The government has also ordered doses to vaccinate another 20 million people. Matt Hancock announced last week:

From next week, we'll be able to start rolling this out. We'll start with those who are most vulnerable to coronavirus.
Once we've protected the most vulnerable it will help us all get back to normal and back to all the things that we love.

Wondering where you fall on the priority list? Check for yourself here.

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