How can one be diagnosed in real time if under quarantine?

A new app has just been developed. It allows a rapid diagnosis of the health status of infected people whose care in a hospital was not necessary. But how does it work?

It can be downloaded on any smartphone. This app is called 'Covidom' and it was created by a European medical centre, in conjunction with the French AP-HP and the French Nouveal e-santé company. This app allows for real-time monitoring of coronavirus patients.

An e-health app against the coronavirus

While containment is being increasingly advocated by doctors and hospitals, some patients carrying the coronavirus or 'suspected of Covid-19 without symptoms (may) benefit from being monitored at home via medical questionnaires offered once or several times a day, in addition to containment measures,' explained the AP-HP group in its press release.

Having been deployed since the 9th of March two Parisian hospitals, the Covidom app is beginning to prove its worth. Concretely, the patient has to answer a questionnaire on the e-health app on a daily basis and depending on his or her answers, alerts can be generated.

A remote diagnosis

Via this application, doctors can include the patient in the medical process. The infected person will thus be able to follow the evolution of their symptoms in real-time. 'For example, in the event of high fever or severe respiratory discomfort reported by the patient, the healthcare team is alerted and contacts the patient to possibly adopt the monitoring and management,' said the European medical centre.

On the downside, the use of the app is subject to account activation from the 'Covidom connection page' of a healthcare facility. Thus, Covidom cannot be set up individually to start the remote consultation process. This is why in case of immediate emergency, the patient should contact the local emergency number.

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