Here's Why You Should Never Eat the Chocolate at the Bottom of an Ice Cream Cone

Even though it happens to be the best part of the ice cream, it turns out that chocolate bit of gold you get at the end of the cone is a lot worse for your health than you thought - and not just because of the sugar...

Let's be honest, the little chocolate tip at the end of the cone is really the best part of ice cream! We can't quite put it into words, but its texture, its taste, its simultaneous meltiness and coolness, it's really the climax of the dessert. And yet ... This little piece of pleasure is unfortunately far from a good thing for your body.

Chemist Bert Weckhuysen explains that, in order to keep this piece of chocolate from melting before it is reached, ice cream makers must resort to a process called hydrogenation. Scientifically, this involves adding a molecule of dihydrogen to another compound - in this case, chocolate.

The real problem is that this process turns the unsaturated fats found in chocolate into saturated fats. This type of fat is the worst for your body and the most fattening!

So that tiny piece of chocolate at the end of your ice cream is a nightmare for your figure, your cholesterol and your arteries.

If that doesn't put you off enough, and you like a little danger in your dessert, why not check out the world's most dangerous ice cream?

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