Having a positive outlook can actually have a positive effect on your health

Day after day, we are hit hard with heavy news on mental illness, worldwide outbreaks, or even war. Yet looking to the good in your life may help you.

When the future looks bleak and life gets hard it’s easy to become pessimistic and negative, however, we should remember that there is a lot to be grateful about you have a lot to be positive about even when things are tough.

According to some studies, the ability to look at life in a positive light and choosing to use positive emotions can have beneficial effects on our bodies even on a cellular level. According to an article in the New York Times studies have shown a direct correlation between actively trying to manifest positive emotions and thoughts with health benefits such as lower blood pressure, healthier blood sugar, better weight control, less heart disease and healthier blood sugar levels.

We are already aware of how debilitating an illness depression is, but who knew looking at life in a positive light could actually have health benefits that can improve your physiological well being in addition to your psychological health.

How to stay positive?

So how can we actively practice positivity in order to see if we can feel any changes ourselves? It can be hard to see the positive in situations that may be dragging us down orstressing us out, but here are some methods you can use in order to maintain a more positive outlook on life.

Be grateful

This is a relatively simple concept. A lot of us have so much to be grateful for in our lives, however, studies show that people tend to focus more on the negative in their life. Being grateful can remind us of the positive things we have in our lives and try to think about these things on a daily basis in order to not focus on the bad.


According to a study by the University of Toronto, there was a direct positive correlation with exercise and thefight against depression. There have been lots of other studies, as well as testimonies by individuals that show howexercise has changed their lives and helped people live more healthy lives. Physically and mentally.

Talk about your feelings

This may be hard for some people as they may find it hard to open up to even their closest friends and family, but it is important to remember that when we get to express our emotions, especially the negative ones, it can be a form of release that will help you to relieve yourself of negative feelings in order to focus more on the good. Confiding in someone you trust with allow them to support you and remind you what you have in your life that is good.

Any way you look at it, actively choosing tolive your life in a positive lightwith positive emotion, can help you both physically and mentally to be healthier and happier. Check out our video to see some other ways you can practice positivity.

Lockdown has had a positive effect on some people's mental health, study reveals Lockdown has had a positive effect on some people's mental health, study reveals