Dry mouth and bitter taste when you wake up can be signs of a serious illness

While it is true that dry mouth and bitter taste can be caused by different reasons, if they persist, you should consult a doctor to rule out possible diseases.

We are thirsty, which is one of the reasons why our mouths feel dry and bitter. If you just woke up with this terrible sensation that lasts for an extended period of time, it is most likely a symptom of an illness, and you should treat it immediately.

A concerning sign

Dry mouth, or Xerostomia as it is often called, is caused by the salivary glands not generating enough saliva in the mouth, and while it may be a result of ageing, there are other causes that can cause it, according to experts at MedlinePlus.

  1. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy, Sjogren's syndrome (an immune system ailment characterized by dry eyes and mouth), AIDS, diabetes, and other disorders are the other plausible causes.
  2. A dry mouth with a bitter taste in the morning might indicate the presence of disorders including hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, HIV or AIDS, diabetes, renal failure, or sinusitis.
  3. In addition to this, smoking alters our pH levels and cause us to wake up with a dry and bitter tongue. If you smoke, you're familiar with the dry mouth and bitter taste that might continue for a few minutes or even hours before being relieved by eating, drinking, or cleaning your teeth.
  4. Dry mouth is also caused by poor dental hygiene, since bacteria build-up generates unpleasant breath and a bitter taste.

Symptoms of a dry mouth

The mouth feels sticky or parched when it is dry. Other common signs and symptoms include:

  • difficulty swallowing, chewing, or talking
  • trouble tasting food or drinks
  • burning sensation in your mouth
  • cracked lips
  • mouth sores
  • dry tongue
  • dry throat
  • bad breath
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