Coronavirus: Chilling Footage Taken During A Train Journey In Wuhan Has Been Circulating The Internet (VIDEO)

The region of Wuhan and the province of Hubei in China have been paralysed by the incredible magnitude of the coronavirus epidemic. Despite the high risk of contamination, some train journeys are still running and the least we can say is that the footage of these journeys is startling.

Over the last two months, the fact that more than 50 million people have been put under quarantine has considerably disturbed and slowed down life for people in the province of Wuhan. Incredible satellite footage that has recently been broadcasted by NASA to show just how remarkable and dramatic this recent activity standstill is for residents.

Nevertheless, some people still have to travel and prove just how brave they are by continuing to take the rare trains running in the province of Hubei.

Online, some startling footage of these journeys has left internet users bewildered and flabbergasted. The 'attire' worn by travellers in this footage really does look like something straight out of a science-fiction movie…

Although the UK has been becoming increasingly paranoid since the virus managed to reach the north of Italy and some areas of France, we have yet to come across anyone dressed like this on our public transport networks…

Although the seriousness of this epidemic is still relatively low in Europe in comparison to China, there are still some things that people should take into account to prevent it from spreading:

The coronavirus is transmitted via close contact with someone who is infected. As a result, shaking hands or hugging someone when you meet them are both big risks for people. Be cautious. If you have any plans to travel abroad, don’t forget to visit the WHO's website to check up on the threat levels or risks for wherever you are going.

And just as a reminder, this virus can also easily spread via our airways, so remember to cover your mouth with your hand when you feel a cough or a sneeze coming on. In addition, although this is definitely not as common or likely, the coronavirus can also be transmitted via a person’s faecal matter. So in short, remember to wash your hands!

Check out our video above to see the startling footage of these train journeys in Wuhan.

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