After Suffering Numerous Health Problems in His Early 20’s This Man Decided to Take Matters Into His Own Hands

If you think you’re unlucky after sleeping in too late and missing a meeting or forgetting about a deadline, Oliver Pugh’s story will make you think again. Pugh experienced numerous health problems starting when he was only 22, resulting in a massive weight gain.

Oliver Pugh enjoyed an active lifestyle before serious, life-threating health problems plagued him. Not only was he a labourer, but he enjoyed boxing, rugby, and martial arts. But injuries and illnesses forced him to slow his active lifestyle.

It all began with an industrial accident in 2012 when he lost half his thumb, which doesn’t seem too bad, does it? But it gets worse. Shortly after the thumb accident, Pugh experienced severe hip pain.

The doctors, after analysing Pugh, discovered a tumour on his spinal cord. Unfortunately, the doctors failed to remove the tumour after two operations. And to make matters worse, the wound became infected, propelling meningitis and MRSA (a superbug).

And his health problems don’t stop there. In 2015, Pugh had a heart attack. Think that’s enough health problems for one person? Well, you’re wrong! He eventually couldn’t move his legs, so he had to sit in a wheelchair. The doctors decided to try to remove his tumour again.

The surgery was going to be a risky one! Either Pugh would permanently lose his ability to move his legs, or he would be able to walk again. Scary, right? But this is the part of the story where Pugh’s luck begins to turn around!

That’s right. The surgery was a success! However, the tumour, heart attack, and hip replacement took a toll on his health. So while he was trying to fight off these debilitations, he was also gaining a lot of weight.

His weight gain propelled mental health issues like anxiety and depression. So Pugh decided to do his best to lose the weight he piled on, and he joined Transformation HQ gym. What does Pugh look like now?

Tune into our video to learn more about his weight loss journey.

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