A Man Passed Away in the Hospital After His Ventilator Was Unplugged to Power a Cooler

Family members of a 40-year-old man effectively killed him after they allegedly unplugged his ventilator to plug in an air-conditioning unit they purchased after they found it to be too hot in the isolation ward he was being kept in.

Typically the public is advised against touching any hospital equipment, for their own safety as well as for the safety of those around them. You would think that common sense would dictate that you do not tamper with any piece of equipment requiring energy, especially when that piece of equipment is keeping your loved one alive.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened when the family of a 40-year-old man died at a hospital in Kota, India. Suspected to be suffering from COVID-19 the man was in critical condition and was hooked up to a ventilator that was essentially keeping him alive. The man had recently been transferred to the isolation ward after another patient at the hospital tested positive for the disease.

His family members thought it was too warm in the isolation ward and bought an air conditioner to install in order to make the room a little more comfortable. When they couldn't find an empty socket in which to plug the unit, they allegedly opted to unplug the ventilator, however, the reserve power ran out after about 30 minutes.

They immediately called for the available doctors and nurses to come to the aid of their family members. They attempted to resuscitate the patient using CPR however it was too late and he passed away.

According to the hospital staff, the family of the patient did not seek permission to install the A/C unit and apparently 'misbehaved' with themedical professionalsat the point the patient had died. The hospital has noted that an investigation is underway and did not comment further.

Please let this be a lesson to you to always let the medical staff deal with medical equipment. Don't tamper with anything you see in the hospital, it may very well be a case of life or death.

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