A Man Found Out He Had Coronavirus After a Jackfruit Fell and Hit Him on the Head

This is the actual sequence of events for a man in Kasaragod, India who has been diagnosed with the Covid-19 Coronavirus when he came in for a procedure following an injury involving a jackfruit tree.

The autorickshaw driver who works in Kerala suffered a freak accident as he was trying to pick jackfruit from a tree when one fell down and hit him on the head. The accident caused injuries to his spine which led him to require surgery after his hands and legs were weakened due to his condition.

Doctor K Sudeep of the Pariyaram Medical College stated that a COVID test was performed on the man prior to his surgery:

Our protocol dictates that we subject everyone who require immediate surgery to the Covid test, just to be sure. That’s when he tested positive.

When asked about how the man may have contracted the virus Dr. Sudeep stated:

He had symptoms of Covid-19. But he has no recent travel history or contact with any infected person. We’re not sure if he got it through one of his passengers in the rickshaw. He had visited the district hospital once so he could have got it from there. Anyway, we are examining it and preparing the route maps.

According to officials, his family will have to be quarantined and traces have begun for the man's primary contacts in order for those persons to be notified and quarantined as well.

It looks like this accident may be both unlucky and lucky at the same time.

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