The Mountain Trains His Wife To Pull Trucks!

In his latest YouTube video, Hafthor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones, decided to share his training routine with his wife, Kelsey Henson.

The Mountain isn’t just one of the strongest men in the world and a big pile of muscles, he also has a tender heart and knows how to take care of his wife. Although the Mountain seems to have the perfect relationship with his sweetheart, the size difference between the couple is quite amusing to witness, since the Icelandic actor looks like a giant by her sweet side.

But clearly, she works hard so that this difference isn’t as noticeable. In the latest video on his YouTube channel that he continues to fill with videos for us, we can see Hafthor Bjornsson right in the middle of his workout routine, pulling trucks. And once he’s finished, it’s his wife, Kelsey Henson’s turn to try her luck!

And clearly, she wasn’t discouraged. Of course, she didn’t try and tackle the same monstrosities as her husband, The Mountain, but in a few years, who knows?

Game of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Big Challenge For You Game of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Big Challenge For You