The Terrible And Unexpected Effect 5G Has On Insects

According to a recent report from a conservation organization, 5G waves are harmful to insects. And its effects on humans are barely any less alarming.

Pro Natura, a Swiss conservation organization is sounding the alarm. The organization warns of the harmful effects of 5G on several species of insects and recalls the consequences of human activity on their ecosystem.

According to their studies, 75% of the insects in Switzerland have disappeared and the number of living species is only decreasing, with 163 species already considered to be extinct. Those still around remain under threat, like bees and butterflies, which are crucial to the pollination process.

This wipe-out was formerly attributed to the use of pesticides in agriculture, excess light, and a lack of space for insects. But now, something new is putting them in danger of extinction: 5G.

Why is 5G dangerous?

Unlike 4G waves, whose frequencies don't go above 6 GHz, 5G waves can go up to 120 GHz. For context, frequencies 10 GHz and up can increase the body temperature of insects. That's why Pro Natura is alarmed by 5G and its 120 GHz.

Another species that might be harmed by this technology: Man. Indeed, although there's been a lot of debate surrounding the dangers of mobile phone use and the impact their waves have on humans, 5G is also suspected of threatening the safety of residents of the United States.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) wants to sell frequencies for 5G that are too close to the waves used for weather predictions like rain, snow, temperature, clouds, and ice. This could imply a loss of 3 days in weather predictions. In the event of a hurricane, this could put people at risk, giving them less time to prepare for it.

A higher phone bill, therefore, isn't the only price to pay to get a faster internet connection on your smartphone. Is it worth it? That's a question worth asking.

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