Enhance your Netflix experience with these hacks

Let’s face it: Netflix is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It has changed the entire movie-viewing experience. And now you can even better your experience with the following hacks!

Are you a Netflix subscriber? The following hacks can totally help to enhance your overall viewing experience. Some tips and tricks are obvious like utilizing the download-movies-to-watch-offline option, but we’re going to get a little deeper.

If it’s a super snowy or rainy day and you don’t want to leave the house, but you want to hang out with your friends, you can use Netflix Party. This Google Chrome plug-in synchronizes your show with the people you’re watching with, and has a chat bar!

Just think: Netflix Party can even benefit a long-distance relationship. It may not be the ideal Netflix and chill, but it can at least help you to feel like you’re close to your loved one.

Do you prefer watching your movies in the highest resolution possible? Or do you want to save data if you’re watching on the phone? You can change this in your settings.

Just go to Account from the drop-down menu and press Playback settings. You can choose whether you want the default video quality, low, medium, or high. Keep in mind that the highest resolution may slow the overall loading time.

You can also scroll through Netflix’s alternate genres! That’s right. Netflix has additional, secret, specific categories. For example, “drama” looks like this in the search bar: netflix.com/browse/genre/5763. But you can change the numbers at the end for more specific categories.

Just look for an unofficial guide that displays the numbers next to specific categories. For example, “Tearjerkers” falls under 6384 and “Quirky Romance” falls under 36103. Pretty neat, right? You can find more hacks in our video!

This Genius Hack Will Make Your Netflix Browsing Experience a Breeze This Genius Hack Will Make Your Netflix Browsing Experience a Breeze