This Lad Just Took His Dedication To Football To The Next Level

This Lad Just Took His Dedication To Football To The Next Level

This football fan just took his dedication to football to the next level. His insane act of loyalty to his local club is one that has been admired all over the world. Some may say he's crazy while others say he's just passionate. Either way he's certain to go down in history as the most loyal fan ever!

Football is the greatest sport in the world, without question. The sheer passion that the fans have for the game make every event incredible, whether sat at the pub or in the stands. However, we're willing to admit that some fans take it a little too far. This is one of those times.

Flamengo superfan Mauricio dos Anjos decided he would show his dedication to the club in a way that no other has before. Just this week, after 32 sessions and 90 hours of work spread over a year and a bit, he finished his crowning achievement: a full-size tattoo of the Flamengo home shirt used in the 2015-2016 season.

World's biggest fan

The 33 year old's decision to get the red and black stripes inked on his torso has left quite a few people with their jaws on the floor, saying the tattoo is possibly the worst idea for a tattoo ever. Respectfully, don Anjos disagrees and says he doesn't regret it for a second: 'My passion for Flamengo comes from childhood, my father cheers for the team and always presents me with t-shirts and toys from the club.I always dreamed of doing a homage like this.Today, 40% of my body is tattooed with the colors of Flamengo' he stated in an interview.

A world record?

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The tattoo has made him quite the online celebrity, with other famous Brazilian athletes clamoring to get a picture with him. He's even looking to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first person to have football club's shirt t-shirt 100% tattooed on his body. A true accomplishment, surely.

Check out the video above to see Mauricio's crazy tat for yourself! 

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