This Is What Messi Said To Neymar About Returning To Barcelona

In the stands for Brazil's victory over Argentina in the Copa America semi-final, Neymar took the opportunity to talk to his former team-mate, Lionel Messi.

Seeing his country qualify without him in the Copa America final must not have been easy for Neymar. Injured and still in the middle of a rape case, the Brazilian is having a very complicated summer, especially since he seems to be trying by all means to leave Paris Saint-Germain and return to Barcelona next season.

However, to sign with Barcelona, you need the boss, Lionel Messi, to agree. That's good, since they get along very well, so much so that Neymar took the time to go and comfort his buddy, who has once again failed in his quest for a title with his selection. But between the two congratulating each other, the two players of course talked about the current affair: Neymar's transfer to Barça.

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According to information from Sport, Messi confirmed to Neymar his desire to see him return to Barcelona. But above all, he convinced the Brazilian not to miss the resumption of training in Paris. If he does not participate in the training, relations between Barça and PSG could weaken, which would not bode well for the future transfer.

The agreement from Messi, which is obviously not a surprise, is however one more step towards a finalisation. Barça is still looking for a way to afford its former player, by adding players to the transaction. But while Coutinho seemed to be getting very close to going to Paris, the player's representatives appeared in the press to deny any contractual agreement between Coutinho and PSG.

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