Mia Khalifa's Response To Matteo Guendouzi's Performance During Premier League Is SAVAGE

West Ham's own Declan Rice scored a legendary goal which won the team their first home victory in the Premier League since 2006. But it wasn't him who caught the Pornstar legend's attention...

It was a very eventful day indeed for West Ham last Saturday. Aside from securing their home victory against Arsenal for the first time in 13 years, they also attracted a very special guest amongst their beaming supporters - the one and only, Mia Khalifa.

After the former adult star took a liking to West Ham United after having watched the indie crime-drama, Green Street Hooligans, she made it her mission to see them play live. And if Rice's celebratory goal wasn't enough to brighten the upcoming days before his 20th birthday, then scoring that goal whilst Mia Khalifa was watching from the stands should do the job.

However, whilst it was a great day for West Ham, things were a little murky on Arsenal's side - especially for Arsenal midfielder, Matteo Guendouzi. Amongst those under-performing during the match was 19-year-old Guendouzi who was slammed for his dramatic diving throughout the game. It seems Khalifa herself picked up on that and, to say the least, remaining polite wasn't part of her agenda.

She took to Twitter to express exactly what she thinks - check out the video to see Mia Khalifa's savage reaction to Guendouzi's performance.

Who will beat the Premier League drop? Who will beat the Premier League drop?