Football's Coming Home: The Theory Proving Why England Will Win The World Cup

Those of us who are a little superstitious and who fancy themselves as a bit of a gambler are going to love this. There’s a theory floating around that proves that England could very well win the World Cup in Russia. Watch our video to see just what this crazy theory is.

In 2010 it was Paul the Octopus, in 2014 it was a couple of penguins; both successfully predicted the outcomes of several World Cup matches. But now there is a new theory circulating as to who will win the World Cup in Russia this summer. This year it’s all focused around Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola.

In essence, the theory is that whenever he has won a domestic league title, that country has gone on to win the World Cup that year. In 2010, the Spaniard led Barcelona to La Liga success. That year, Spain won the South Africa World Cup against the Netherlands. A game that was incidentally refereed by English match official, Howard Webb.

Not the first time

In 2014, it was a similar affair. After lifting the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, Germany went on to win the World Cup in Brazil. This year, Guardiola has already won the Premier League title with Manchester City.

Whether destiny or just pure luck, this could be a tell-tale sign that Football will come home this summer. See you in July to find out!

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