This Former Real Galactics Player Won The C1... And Is Now Working At A Tobacconist's Shop

Oscar Minambres's probably doesn't ring a bell. But this Spanish man has played with the greatest.

Oscar Minambres had the chance to share a locker room with the Real Madrid Galactics by joining team 1 and was blessed with the opportunity to play alongside some huge names as David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo...

'There's nothing quite like playing for the first team of the club that you love'.

Former Real Madrid player has a trophy collection that few can match: two league titles, two 'Supercopas', a Champions League, a European Super Cup and an Intercontinental Cup.

But his career stopped early. Minambres was only 26 and at the top of his career when he had to give up football because of strong pains in his knee that made him quit 'Hercules' the last team he played for, after being part of the famous Galactics.

After these injuries, the Spanish player was forced to retire. 'There were times when I didn't know what to do, but I took on the challenge. I had to find a way to take care of my family fast,'

He recently told 'Panenka' magazine. Minambres currently works in a tobacco shop, far from the glitz and glamour and the Champions League, which he actually won in 2002, thanks to Zinedine Zidane's legendary "Glasgow volley"...

'I work a lot. I start at nine in the morning, I have a break over lunchtime and then I return to work until eight in the evening', he says after a very busy day. He's exchanged huffing and puffing on a pitch for the world of cigarettes and cigars, and he's very happy. 'Not everything in this life is about football', he explains.

Should you be showing your emotions at work? Should you be showing your emotions at work?