Stuck For Where To Take Your Girl For Valentine's Day? Wetherspoons Is Here To Help

Whether you're a big romantic or just a big foodie, Wetherspoons will have your back this Valentine's day...

So, now with all the fun festivities out of the way, that dreaded time is approaching us: Valentine's day. While the thought makes some of us shudder, not everything is at stake. In fact, there's gonna be actual steak because Wetherpoons - the pub chain we all know and love - is bringing back their romantic menu for two. And it is sure to save you a couple of bucks along the way - oh, and show your other half just how much you adore them, of course!

So, without further ado, what's actually included in the menu and how the hell so we sign up? So for a small sum of £20, the all-time favourite British chain has brought out a dine-for-two menu that includes two luxury steaks, two drinks and two desserts. That means, you can forget splurging on fine dining and all those pretentious restaurants that are most definitely above our budget. If you're not a fan of steak, you can opt for BBQ ribs, a mixed grill, or a Mediterranean vegetable lasagne for all those veggies in love.

And the alcohol? We thought you'd never ask. Of course we can't go without the usual alcohol menu as part of the deal and what's more, is that you can opt for your very own bottle of Prosecco to share for an extra cheeky fiver. Sorted.

And since we're on the topic of how we can make your Valentine's day more bearable, Wetherspoons aren't the only ones trying to brighten our spirits before the 14th of February rolls around. In fact, crisp giant, Tyrrell's have launched a treat of their own. Behold: the world's first aphrodisiac crisp, smothered in a delicious honey and chilli flavouring. Although, we're not totally sure how effective the aphrodisiac side of it is. Regardless, Valentine's day is bringing us tasty treats all around!

The bottom line? You'll be thanking us later...

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