Mark Wahlberg And His Mates Hit The Gym At 4am

Exercising so early in the morning can have consequences on your mental health.

Mark Wahlberg And His Mates Hit The Gym At 4am
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Mark Wahlberg is an early bird, and everyone knows it. Last year, the actor shared his daily routine and even James Cordon tried out his morning workout routine.

Today, the American actor is still in amazing physical condition and continues to get up at 3 am to work out, even when he’s on the road. Recently in London, Mark Wahlberg took advantage of the gym facilities in his hotel at 4 am with his mates.

Although the scene looked fun and entertaining, getting up so early seems to have had some quite negative consequences on his friends’ mental health. In any case, Mark Wahlberg always works hard on his body. There’s no doubt that he’ll be ready for Infinite, the new science-fiction film which is expected to be released in 2020.