Eddie Hall Blacks Out While Doing a 1000kg Leg Press

Strongman or not, here’s a guy who should probably take a day or two off.

The Beast

Nothing and no one will ever be able to stop Eddie Hall (not even his sphincter muscles). The strongest man in the world in 2017 still continues to pump iron and since he loves himself a good leg day, he decided to challenge himself to do 1000kg on the leg press machine.

After a few warm-up squats, he then moves on to take on the machine. Of course, he does a few lighter sets to warm up, but then something happens. Eddie Hall, who probably hadn’t taken his morning trip to the bathroom by this point, ‘pushed' that little bit too hard, it seems and suffered a bit of an 'accident'… Some jaws even dropped in the room when they realized what had happened!

After a short break to clean himself up, Eddie Hall returned even more motivated than ever to try a 1000kg leg press. One rep, two reps, three reps, four… and finally, the fifth got the better of him. The former strongman had just had too much and his head dropped.

A couple of seconds later, he came back around: 'Did I black out there?’ He couldn't even get up at the time but eventually resumed his workout with a few leg curls on his stomach and a little farmer’s walk. Easy peasy.

The latest news is that Eddie Hall is preparing to get back into the ring to take on another monster of a man, one of his rivals Hafþór Björnsson, world-famous for playing the role of The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

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