Kingsman 3: It's Official, Taron Egerton Won't Be In The Film

The third installment of Kingsman will be fundamentally different from its predecessors. And for good reason; Taron Egerton, headliner of the movie concept with his character Eggsy, said he wouldn't re-don his costume for this "sequel". Explanations below.

It's official: Eggsy is hanging up his secret agent costume, at least for the next installment of the Kingsmen missions, directed by Matthew Vaughn. The British actor Taron Egerton, who will soon play Elton John in the Rocketman series, will forgo his character Gary Unwin in an upcoming film that will be... a prequel!

'I think I'm allowed to say that but the fact that I won't be in the next 'Kingsman' doesn't mean I won't be back again,' Egerton said in an interview with Yahoo UK. 'I was with Matthew [Vaughn, director of the franchise] a few days ago; we're still in business together, but his next adventure in this world doesn't involve me.'

It's not all bad news

Indeed, Kingsman 3, entitled The Great Game, will take place during the First World War, and will describe the beginnings of the secret agents' organisation. A period in which Eggsy can't appear, since he wasn't yet born (he is still a teenager in the first part, which takes place in the present time).

The new heroes of this timeless episode will still look good, with a new duo of gentlemen played by Harris Dickinson (Darkest Mines: Rebellion) and Ralph Fiennes (none other than Voldemort of the saga Harry Potter). New adventures will be discovered in cinemas in November 2019. Taron Egerton said he was sad not to be in the cast, but would like to reassure his fans: 'I'm sad not to be on this new trip, but this isn't the last time you'll see Eggsy.'

That's good enough for us!

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