Everyone's Freaking Out After Disney Releases First Peak Of The Live Action Aladdin

‘A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view…’ Right on time for the Christmas season, Disney has released the first unpublished footage of its upcoming live action remake of Aladdin.

After a first teaser unveiled last October, American site Entertainment Weekly who had the privilege of obtaining some images from the new Aladdin movie.

‘A whole new world’

The American magazine was lucky enough to be present for the film’s shooting. The latter promises, for this adaptation, a ‘whole new world’. Actress Naomi Scott, who plays Jasmine, isn't just sporting the Disney character's iconic top and the blue pants. As multiple images show, she will opt for various extravagant outfits like majestic dresses, worthy of a princess. As for Aladdin, actor Mena Massoud will interpret the main character. To top it off, actor Will Smith will have the honour of playing everyone's favourite Genie, the role that the late Robin Williams played years ago.

Naomi Scott’s exclusive reaction!

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly magazine, Naomi Scott shared her first reaction about Jasmine's iconic character: ‘In the beginning, Jasmine's main goal is to really protect her people and respect them,’ she said. She continues: ‘She is certainly not an accomplished character at the beginning of the film, but as she evolves, she begins by asking herself what she wants and eventually becomes a leader.’

The director, Guy Ritchie, argued that Jasmine's character had been changed to make her more feminist, reflecting current ideals that would not make her ‘a stereotype of the time’. We can appreciate that, however we - as well as plenty of people on social media - can't help but look at Will Smith and wonder... what?!

The film Aladdin will be in theatres in the UK on 24 May, 2019. We look forward to it!

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