FIFA: Mohamed Salah’s Insane New Card In FUT

Mohamed Salah has had a smashing season so far. Not many other people in the league can boast 18 goals in just 22 games. Between being named BBC African Player of the Year, Liverpool’s Player of the Month, and Premier League Player of the Month, he’s certainly earned his new FIFA player card stats. While not yet official, the Egyptian player will soon see his overall stat in FUT skyrocket from 83 up to an 88 to reflect his stellar performance on the pitch. It’s near unheard of for a player to see such an increase mid-season, but we’d like to think that it would be an utter travesty should Salah sport a measly 83 given the fact that he seems nigh unstoppable. Anybody looking to make a transfer?

Mohamed Salah Is The Next Big Thing In FUT
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