This Secret Chemical Hiding In McDonald's Has An Incredible Side Effect

McDonald’s fries may hold the key to solving one very common problem...

Who would’ve thought that munching on a Maccies burger and fries could leave us with a fuller head of hair? And yet according to some Japanese scientists, some ingredients found within McDonald’s fries could actually increase hair growth.

Scientists successfully managed to grow hair on lab mice by using hair follicles they created using a particular chemical substance.

That substance is dimethylpolysiloxane, which we can also find in... those wonderful golden fries from McDonald’s. The chemical is used at McDonald’s to reduce oil splatter when frying. The science behind the findings is quite complicated and has not yet been tested on humans, but researchers seem happy enough with initial results.

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So now we know Red Bull gives you wings and McDonald’s gives you hair. What’s next, Freddo giving you an extra finger?

Stacey Williams
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