Marvel And Adidas Team Up To Produce Special Football Kits

Adidas are set to embark into unchartered territory this year by teaming up with Marvel to release a range of limited edition, superhero themed football kits. Check the video to see the full kits and what they look like in action!

The collection will consist of three jerseys. Firstly, there is the red and gold jersey based on Iron Man. The shirt and shorts are predominantly red with golden yellow motifs on the sleeves. The kit also comes complete with the name ‘Stark’ and the number 8 on the back. Awesome!

There’s also a blue Spiderman themed kit which features the name ‘Parker’ and the number 15 on the back. The shirt sports more of a classic, retro-type look with the Spiderman logo designed into the background of the shirt.

Finally there’s a green jersey based on the Hulk. The shirt is predominantly dark green with white motifs and has streaks of lighter green across the entire jersey. The back of the shirt features the name ‘Banner’ and the number 3 whilst the shorts are purple and have a green stripe around the waist.

The combination of combining sportswear and superheroes is not fully unprecedented however. In 2014 Australian sportswear brand ISC launched their superhero jerseys for Australian rugby league teams in the NRL. The idea was so popular that in 2017, the superhero kits made it onto the English scene with several Super League Teams sporting the legendary designs for the Magic Weekend.

According to Footy Headlines, Adidas will be releasing the three unique kits this summer. But don’t get too excited. It’s expected that they will only release the kits in child sizes. So all we can really do is wait and hope that the demand is high enough for them to bring out the adult versions of the kits.

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