Unbelievable images reveal what the Earth may look like in 2500

In 2500, our descendants will be living in a world that looks unrecognisable to the one we are living in today.

Researchers from McGill University in Canada, have revealed what the Earth will look like in 2500 depending on the level of greenhouse gases that are in the atmosphere, and the images are beyond shocking. In their study, they designed climate model projections based on three greenhouse gas mitigation strategies—low, medium and high. In addition to that, their study aimed to find out what kind of environmental problems will be prevalent from the 22nd century.

Global warming

As a part of their study, they outlined the importance for policymakers and researchers to make climate predictions beyond the year 2100. Under the Paris Agreement, governments have been warned to keep warming under 2°C, again, by the end of the century. They wrote:

While some climate projections do look past 2100, these longer-term projections aren’t being factored into mainstream climate adaptation and environmental decision-making today. This is surprising because people born now will only be in their 70s by 2100. What will the world look like for their children and grandchildren?

In order to prove their point, they drew up nine images that portrayed what the Earth would look like in the worst-case scenario in 2500.

According to the authors, the worst-case scenario is if the global temperature rises above the 2°C mark and continues to get warmer beyond 2100—the benchmark everyone has been using.

Their models portrayed what three regions of the world looked like in 1500 AD, 2020 AD, and finally 2500 AD.

Earth in 2500 AD

They've predicted that if global temperatures steadily rise after 2100 then the Amazon will be completely barren by 2500.

James Mckay/CC BY-ND

There will be a ‘hot and humid subtropical climate’ in the Midwest US and AI robots will be tending to the crops.

James Mckay/CC BY-ND

And finally, India will become so hot that it will be inhabitable.

James Mckay/CC BY-ND
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