Over 60 tons of human excrement is about to melt on this mountain

Another ugly consequence of global warming.

Over 60 tons of human excrement is about to melt on this mountain
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Over 60 tons of human excrement is about to melt on this mountain

It can never be said enough, but the fate of our planet is more than ever in our hands, especially in those of our leaders. Set aside for far too long, the climate problem is back in force. The many climate marches are by no means a coincidence, we are indeed experiencing the beginnings of what will most probably be the greatest natural disaster in the history of our planet.

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Global warming is on the march, and we are now reaping the consequences of decades of ignoring what was widely predicted. In Alaska, where climate change is already a major problem, the melting ice on the Denali now threatens to release more than 60 tonnes of faeces from mountaineers.

The poopleft on the mountain is often thrown into crevices and snow pits and are crushed into the snow over time. Studies conducted by National Park Service Glaciologist, Michael Loso show that nothing is truly disposed of on this planet and after some time, human excrement on the mountain has been observed to resurface further downstream on the glacier where it then proceeds to melt.

Indeed, the national park officials estimate that it is exactly 66 tons of excrement that is about to be thawed in the coming decades. In response to this news, guide companies that lead almost 1,200 people up the mountain each year have now voluntarily decided to start packing out their human waste. The National Park Service has also now implemented a rule that any human droppings below 14,000 feet must now be taken off the mountain. Loso stated:

Climbers and particularly guide services are really embracing the new policy and are even exceeding it. It has become kind of an informal badge of merit to carry off all your waste.

The ultimate badge of honour.

The only downside is climbing Denali takes an estimated duration of 18 days on average. We can therefore doubt that mountaineers will agree to carry their droppings with them during this journey…

What is Denali?

Denali is mountain range just five hours north of Anchorage, Alaska, that stretches to over 20,300 feet. On a clear day, the beats of nature can even be seen from the city. Denali is also one of the seven summits, the seven tallest points on each of the seven continents. Climbing all seven mountains is the ultimate dream and challenge for many passionate climbers.

Check out the video above to see more of the mountains in question...

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