Is Greta Thunberg A Time Traveller? This Photo From 1898 Might Have The Answer

A photo of a young girl, dating from 1898 and resembling the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, has caused a panic on Twitter. Some even going so far as to imagine a most improbable conspiracy theory.

What if Greta Thunberg was a being from another time? A young woman capable of travelling through time and space, and appearing at key moments in our history, to help us avoid disasters that would endanger our humanity? It could be true... or not. Who came up with this crazy idea, you might ask?

Conspiracy theory

It all started on Twitter, where fans of the craziest conspiracy theories found a photo of a young girl dating back to 1898, who looks like the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Yet, this photo obviously has nothing to do with the Swedish girl, since it shows three children extracting water from a well in the Yukon Territory, Canada, in 1898, explains the DailyMail.

University of Washington

In the foreground of the image a young girl can be seen who strangely resembles the 16-year-old Swedish activist. But the photograph was discovered in the image archives of the University of Washington, so internet users quickly shared their most crazy conspiracy theories. ‘She is a time traveller, and she has come to warn us of the future. This is the only explanation,’ wrote one of the inspired Twitter users. Although the photo appears on the University's website, one internet user suggested that the image had been ‘surely Photoshopped’ because the two faces are ‘identical.’

An extraordinary activist

As a reminder, Greta Thunberg is not a paranormal being, but rather the symbol of a movement of young activists for the fight against climate change. She has led weekly strikes in schools in Sweden, which inspired similar actions in a hundred cities around the world. Today, her movement plays a major role in raising ecological awareness, especially among the young.

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