At Lidl, Do Your Big Shop And Get Your Weed All At Once!

Supermarket chain Lidl has recently started selling marijuana in some of its stores and it’s selling like hot cakes. Or should we say space cakes?

Legalisation of marijuana has been a growing trend across the globe, with countries like Canada recently vowing to make the drug legal not only for medicinal purposes but recreational as well. While in the UK the government is still staunchly against marijuana, some European supermarket chains are taking note and even beginning to sell it.

Since April 19, products by marijuana company “The Botanicals” can be found in Lidl – presumably in the organic aisle. Customers will be able to make the choice between indoor flowers or outdoor flowers – the latter of which costing nearly double the price.

However, the marijuana sold at the supermarket only contains a negligent amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana. Instead, it contains cannabidiol (CBD) which has been hailed for its medical and restorative properties – namely in regards to its affects on those who suffer from epilepsy.

Legal in Switzerland, soon in the UK?

While this addition can be found in Swiss locations of Lidl, it may still take quite some time before we see any advancement on the legalisation of marijuana in the UK any time soon. Theresa May has been staunchly against marijuana in all forms for ages, even claiming cannabis leads to heroin and eventually suicide. So for us Brits, we may have to keep relying on our Dutch compatriots.

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