This Is Officially The Worst Smell In The World, According To Science

The sweet smells of a baby’s nappy, rotten meat, and the contents of a garbage truck are nothing compared to this.

Smelling a rose
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Smelling a rose

The Journal of Neuroscience has managed to establish a stink scale. To make this happen, scientists from the University of California studied 150 different molecules to understand where something’s smell comes from. They came to the conclusion that the heaviest particles in molecular structures tended to be associated with bad smells while the lighter ones corresponded to more pleasant smells.

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The most nauseating of smells is apparently that which comes from Uranus. The atmosphere of this planet is full of hydrogen sulphide which gives it an unbearable smell of rotten eggs! So definitely do not go there (if that ever becomes a possibility…)

In contrast, second on the stink scale is far more accessible: durian. This Asian fruit is renowned for giving out adisgusting smellwith 44 nuances, evolving from mouldy egg to caramel. The advantage is that no one smells it in the same way and some put up with it pretty well!

Check out the video above to see more of the study!

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