Pit bull ban: controversy continues after death of 1-month-old infant

One Saturday morning, police were called to a residence in Indiana, US. Responding to a call regarding a pit bull attack, sadly they arrived all too late to the disturbing scene.

Pit bull ban: controversy continues after death of 1-month-old infant
© Tippecanoe County Jail/Local 12
Pit bull ban: controversy continues after death of 1-month-old infant

Long has the debate gone on about whether or not pit bulls and pit-mixes are inherently dangerous or if they just get a bad rap. Both sides of the debate have laid valid claims supporting their position, however, it seems that, given the sheer frequency of pit bull specific attacks, the side in favour of banning the dogs seems to be gaining traction.

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One memorable attack this year claimed the life of a 26-day-old baby by the name of Julian Connell. According to the police report, the child’s brother told authorities that the two family dogs, a pit bull mix and a beagle mix were fighting aggressively in the infant’s bedroom. The brother removed the beagle mix from the room but upon returning, he saw that the pit bull had brutally attacked the infant.

It is unclear where the infant was in the room when the attack occurred but when authorities arrived the pit bull was standing over the child still in an aggressive state. Officer Neil Cain had to shoot and kill the animal in order to be able to help the injured child.

Julian was brought to the hospital and later pronounced dead. The cause of death was determined as multiple sharp force injuries due to the dog’s bites.

The family beagle mix also had to be taken to the veterinarian in order be treated for the injuries it received from the pit bull.

This attack marks the 236th recorded child fatality caused by pit bulls in the US since 1980. That’s an average of almost 6 kids per year... and we're speaking about child deaths alone. The number of injuries and deaths caused to children and adults alike is beyond a staggering amount and it’s no wonder why there are so many who protest the breed that has quite the undeniably violent history.

However, we’re not saying pit bulls are the only breed of dog to attack and kill human beings. There is, in fact, something to be said for the conditions a dog is raised in and kept under. There have been numerous incidents just in the UK of all kinds of dog breeds of attacking and even killing people.

It is still unclear what conditions the dogs in this story were being subjected too, and whether or not there could be an antecedent explanation, however, parents may want to think twice about leaving their children alone with any dog, let alone pit bulls.

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