Here’s How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

Is it possible to survive a nuclear attack? Here is the answer.

Here’s How to Survive a Nuclear Attack
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Here’s How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

In 2020, the 75th anniversary of the nuclear bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be commemorated, an event which Japan is still affected by to this day. If such a disaster were to befall the UK, would we be prepared?

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According to, the official site of the US Department of Homeland Security, the defence plan in case of an attack breaks down into 3 key steps: before/during/and after.

Before the explosion

The basis for survival is to be in good physical condition, so don't skimp on water in order to stay well hydrated, or food supplies. Also have a kit ready with torches, in case of power failure, a radio, and some batteries. If your home has not been designed as a fall-prevention shelter, find a solid shelter near your home or workplace. Ideally, this shelter should be a basement location, without windows.

During the explosion

The radio will become your best ally in keeping abreast of the situation. As soon as the attack is launched, the best thing to do is to find shelter. The more walls and concrete between you and the radioactivity, the better. Don't watch the explosion, its power and chemical components could blind you. If you have soap and water handy, wash yourself well to try to remove the radioactive material. Ideally, get rid of your clothes and change. Be prepared to stay indoors for at least 24 hours!

After the explosion

If you survived the explosion, the worst is behind you. Stay tuned to the radio or television if possible, to follow the government's action plan. Of course, stay as far away as possible from the marked damaged areas. Radioactivity could wreak havoc on your body.

Good luck!

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