This man forced a woman to help him rob a bank on their first date in Massachusetts

Most of us have had our fair share of awkward or bad first dates, but this one definitely takes the cake for the worst date of all time.

One woman matched with Christopher Castillo on a dating app, and they decided to go on a date. She opted to pick him up from his parents’ house in her Nissan Maxima.

Early red flags

But something seemed off right away! As soon as Christopher stepped into the passenger seat, he began chugging wine. You would think that he would do that in secret before the date and not at the start? However, the woman kept driving. You can’t exactly back out of a date within the first few minutes, can you? After cruising for half-an-hour, Christopher asked her to stop at a bank.

The woman likely thought that he was grabbing some cash for their night out. So she parked her car and waited inside, while he went to take out some money. But then he came sprinting out of the bank, donning a hat and sunglasses—which he didn’t have on before—holding a gun, and one thousand dollars. He yelled at his date: 'F**king go!'

Panic sets in

The woman freaked out and pressed on the gas pedal. She began racing down the streets. Eventually, the cops caught up to them, forcing her to pull over.

Once she pulled over, she ran out of the car. Meanwhile, Christopher, aka the worst first-date-planner ever, tried to hide from the cops. But they caught him. Thank goodness. What happened to both the woman and Christopher? Tune into our video to find out!

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