This Man Broke Into a Bank Only to Heat Up His Hot Pocket

You ever hear that saying 'what would you do for a Klondike bar'? Well, perhaps the Nestlé company should think about using the same slogan for Hot Pockets as clearly some people are willing to do just about anything to get a taste.

In San Diego, police responded to a call after an alarm went off in a Chollas View Wells Fargo bank branch in the early hours of late May.

Upon arriving at the scene officers discovered a broken window near the bank's drive-thru area. The security company for the bank told the police that the surveillance cameras placed the man in the break room, seemingly hiding and appearing to be using the microwave.

Officers waited for approximately an hour before deciding to enter the building and when they did the culprit did not seem to resist arrest. Police entered through the front doors of the bank and shortly came back outside with the culprit in cuffs.

A reporter for ABC10News was able to respond to the crime and capture footage of the culprit upon being arrested. When asked why he broke into the bank he stated that he was only there to microwave a couple of Hot Pockets.

The reporter then questioned the man stating: 'You broke into the bank for a hot pocket?' to which the man replied 'Yes' and proceeded chant the Hot Pockets jingle.

When asked if it was all worth it, the unidentified man said:

Hell yeah, it's worth it... F**k yeah it's worth it... A Hot Pocket!? Hell yeah...

Clearly I haven't had a Hot Pocket in a while but if someone is willing to go to these lengths just to taste its deliciousness, I'm thinking I should pick up a box.

The man also stated to 10News that he was indeed homeless, so this act of desperation does make a little more sense as hunger can indeed drive people to do some crazy things. Just goes to show you, basic needs like food and shelter mean much more than money to people in need.

Manchester man living the high life while committing bank fraud Manchester man living the high life while committing bank fraud