Man’s Helmet-Cam Captures High Speed Chase By Thieves

One man shared his footage of a leisurely ride through the city on his motorbike turned high-speed chase by bandits on mopeds. Check the footage to watch the scene unfold.

Bike-jacking has seen a recent spike in London, and more and more riders are turning to helmet-cams and go-pros to make sure they stay secure when on the roads.

One man can speak to the importance of helmet-cams more than anyone else. Omar Marjan, 22, was taking his motorbike for a delivery in Shepherd’s Bush this past week when two men on mopeds quickly started tailing him. Soon thereafter, Marjan realised what was happening: these were thieves, and they were after him.

An armed attack on a London side street

The shocking footage shows the man dropping his bike and grappling with thieves armed with hammers. Thanks to some quick thinking and some amateur wrestling, the man was able to fend off his would-be assailants.

Fortunately for the man, he made it out of the scuffle unharmed. However, the same cannot be said for his motorbike, which received massive damage according to Marjan. According to him, this is the third time he’s had an incident like this happened to him.

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