Beware Of The 'Vomit Scam' - The Latest Threat To Uber Users

In the United States, a lot of Uber customers have been complaining about being scammed by their drivers.

The 'vomit scam' is what some dishonest Uber drivers are doing, and is currently a huge problem for customers in the US. As reported by the Miami Herald, many customers are claiming to have been billed around £115 for 'cleaning costs' after their drivers accused them of throwing up in the car.

To prove that it did actually happen, the drivers would then send pictures of the 'incident' to the company, arguing that the sick in the photo was the customer's. The customer then has little chance of arguing their side, as Uber generally tends to support their drivers.

And Uber’s policy is pretty clear on this: 'Passengers are held responsible for damage caused by food or sick spilt inside or outside the vehicle,' states their policy. It’s important to note that any accident that involves a significant amount of bodily fluids (urine, blood, vomit, etc.) inside the vehicle that requires cleaning between the window and the door or in the air conditioning vents, will lead to a £115 fine.

Nevertheless, Uber has assured the Nuevo Herald that they will 'look very closely at these cases of fraud, whether there’s evidence or not, and take all necessary measures.'

'With 15 million trips a day, Uber is unfortunately not immune to these types of incidents,' says the chauffeur company.

You have been warned. To avoid any nasty surprises, it’s best to stay vigilant when using a taxi or Uber.

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