PM faces uproar over proof of double jab status to enter nightclubs

Boris Johnson faces public outcry over ‘haphazard’ decision to make people prove double jab status to enter nightclubs from September.

 PM faces uproar over proof of double jab status to enter nightclubs
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Just less than 24 hours after making the announcement of fully reopening for the first time since March 2020, the UK government has issued a directive stating that proof that people are fully vaccinated will be required to enter nightclubs and other ‘crowded venues.'

Pass compulsory from September

The plan by the government to require people to prove double vaccination status before entering nightclubs and other crowded ‘public spaces’ from the end of September has been condemned as ‘absolute shambles.’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed on Monday that in two months’ time those who would love to have access to venues with large numbers of people gathering in England will have to have received the double jab vaccinations.

In a similar development, vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi clarified that a negative test will ‘no longer be sufficient’ to be granted access to nightclubs.

'Absolute shambles'

However, the announcement, which came 17 hours after nightclubs were able to open for the first time since March 2020, has been massively criticised by the entertainment industry.

Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association, said:

The announcement from the prime minister that COVID passports will be made mandatory for nightclubs in September comes after his health secretary said only one week ago that they would not be compulsory. What an absolute shambles.

Only recently the Prime Minister had announced that he would not make vaccine passports compulsory but would leave the decision at the discretion of the club owners. Instead of making it mandatory, he requested night clubs and large events ask partygoers to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result.He said:

As a matter of social responsibility we're urging nightclubs and other venues with large crowds to make use of the NHS Covid pass, which shows proof of vaccination, a recent negative test or natural immunity as a means of entry.