French Health minister warns about the risks of using fans during the pandemic

Studies have been warning us about the harmful effects of an accessory that is widely used in our homes during the summer: the fan!

If you are used to sleeping with a fan because you live in a hot country, or because it is simply very hot in your flat, you should consider changing this habit. It's true that this object, which is revolutionary when it comes to hot weather, helps many people get through the night. But beware...

Sounding the alarm

Last summer, the French health minister warned about the risks of using fans during the pandemic. He said that:

Fans stir up the virus and distribute it onto all surfaces. Masks do not provide sufficient protection and fans are thus prohibited in rooms where there are groups of people.

This statement corroborates that of Karine Lacombe, Professor at the infectious diseases department at the Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris:

Fans project the virus towards other people. They are completely inadvisable in rooms where there are several people.

The reason? Air-conditioning systems make the air circulate in the same direction, without evacuating it towards the outside. The result? ‘The particles remain in the air and, in addition, they can travel further with this air flow’ according to the Magazine de la Santé. And this is not its only flaw.

Karine Lacombe specified that:

It has been proven that air conditioning in itself is not at all a vector of the coronavirus. Placing vulnerable people in air-conditioned areas does not increase the risk of transmission of the coronavirus and reduces the risk linked to heatwaves.

Good news for those who have air conditioning in their homes. However, it is essential to continue to air out your rooms properly!

Fans, sleep’s enemy?

According to The Sleep Advisor, if left on while you sleep, fans are guilty of several annoyances that you probably didn't know about. Among other things, they blow dust and pollen into the air, which clog the sinuses and make life miserable for those who are asthmatic.

They also spread out dry air that dries out the skin and eyes and causes irritation. And although the ‘white noise’ it emits can be used to put you to sleep, we advise against keeping it on all night.

Risks for the elderly

In 2016, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Center (USA) warned of the dangers of electric fans. The dangers are even greater for the elderly, who suffer from a reduction in their ability to sweat. For the latter, the risks are even more alarming: increased blood pressure and heart problems, among others.

So, while fans remain an ideal companion at certain times of the day, avoid making it your constant ally this summer!

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