Twitch Streamer Causes Outrage After Extreme Animal Cruelty Claims Come To Light

A Twitch live streamer has received a high volume of threatening messages by hundreds of people after she appeared in a fellow colleague’s broadcast. Watch the video to see what the streamer said live on air.

The Details

During a stream hosted by RajjPatel, he asked his guests what is the worst thing they had ever done. Aqualadora, real name Simone Scott, then proceeded to answer, admitting to intentionally killing a four year old dog. She said, ‘I used to work as a veterinary technician and I once killed someone’s dog on purpose’. ‘No one knew because you know, professional... I mean, it was a really bad person’.

Public outcry

The stream rapidly caught traction, sparking the reaction of many twitter users. They demanded to know how Patel could allow such a person to feature in his stream. However, the host was quick to release as statement saying that he did indeed kick her off the show, and condemning the cruelty and maltreatment of all animals.

Twitter users are now questioning why the twitch account of the disgraced streamer is still open as it is still featuring an active chat. The question that remains however is whether Scott actually broke any Twitch guidelines. They state that all publishers ‘must respect all applicable local, national and international laws while using our services’. Whether she will be banned or not remains to be seen but whatever her intentions were, it does not excuse her hugely insensitive comments.

This streamer caused some controversy after 'exposing herself' over Twitch This streamer caused some controversy after 'exposing herself' over Twitch