She Thinks She’s Sleeping With Her Boyfriend... Imagine The Horror When She Sees His Face

Student Abigail Finney thought that she was spending the night with her boyfriend after a party. In reality, a terrible deed was being done. Worst of all, it technically wasn't even illegal... The video explains all.

Abigail Finney is a student attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The American girl went to a party one night with her boyfriend and fellow students, and towards the end of the night she and her boyfriend stay at her room with the others. A typical night right?

Shock of a lifetime

The couple decided to spend some 'quality time' with each other that night. Not a problem, as the two were consenting adults.

However, it’s worth mentioning though that she was turning away from him. After the sex, when she gets up to go to the toilet, she receives the shock of her life: it’s not her boyfriend who is lying in bed with her, but a mutual friend grinning back at her.

Second shock in court

Following the chain of events, both her and her boyfriend reported it to the police. The police followed up, and the man - Grant - was brought to court on rape charges. However, the worst part was yet to come...

Check out the video above and learn the out come of the story. Do you agree with the verdict?

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