Old Lady Was Caught On Camera Cutting Down Her Neighbour's Christmas Lights

'Tis the season to be jolly! But not everyone is feeling in the Christmas spirit as this CCTV footage proves...

It seems that every year, more and more people are plastering the outside of their homes in Christmas lights. Whilst most of us appreciate the twinkling lights in our neighbours' gardens to get us in the festive mood, it turns out not everybody is such a fan.

Father-of-two Dan Hubbert has shared this shocking CCTV footage of what seems to be an elderly lady sneaking into his garden to cut down his Christmas lights.

Not only is this behaviour pretty Scrooge-like, not to mention illegal, but the intruder could have put herself in serious danger as she risked electrocuting herself by cutting the lights in the way she did.

The dad is now torn as to whether or not he should call the police to report the vandalism - admitting he saw the funny side of it.

'I'm not that bothered really. I'm trying to find the funny side... [my kids] just think it's funny as well. It is quite funny to see her toddle along and cut them,' Dan told the Daily Mail.

Check out the video above to see the elderly vandal in action!

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