Usain Bolt Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Partying With Friends for His 34th Birthday

Olympic Champion and fastest man alive, Usain Bolt has tested positive for coronavirus after 'living it up' in Jamaica on his 34th birthday with friends and celebrities.

Bolt is supposed to have entered into isolation in his home in Jamaica after he tested positive for the virus. Possibly as a result of his birthday celebrations that occurred on August 21st.

According to local media, other sports stars were also in attendance such as England star Raheem Bailey and cricketer Chris Gayle. It is still unknown if they have tested positive for the virus.

From the videos and images on social media, we can see that the birthday celebration, was at least, an outdoor event. Though the local government is still recommending that people gather in groups of no more than 20. Which this event was clearly over.

Mandatory self-isolation

Bolt has since posted a video to Twitter referring to the test results as well as his plans for quarantining in which he stated:

I did a test on Saturday, cause I have work... So I'm going to stay in and stay away from my friends.

He did go on to explain that he is currently experiencing no symptoms and will continue to quarantine himself until he receives any further word from health care officials.

Looks like the Olympic gold medalist is doing what he can to protect his friends and family. We hope that he continues not to show any symptoms and recovers from the virus without any issue. Remember that gathering outdoors is no guarantee that you will not contract the virus.

Practice safe distancing, good hygiene, and wear masks, if not to protect you, to protect those around you.

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