This Instagram Account Recreates Emily Ratajkowski’s Steamiest Photos - With A Cheeky Twist

Making fun of Emily Ratajkowski’s photos whilst making fun of yourself… A risk that the French Instagram account ‘Em.ratées’ pulls off extremely well.

Top model Emily Ratajkowski is famous for having the hottest poses around, as shown by her 18.3 million Instagram followers. While it's not followed by quite as many people, the French account @em.ratées, which posts photos of various French women making fun of the supermodel’s photos, is fast rising in popularity.

With its hilarious posts, the account is becoming extremely popular. Emily Ratées is posting more and more as their photos get more and more likes. Less than a month after the account was opened, it had obtained almost 700 followers.

But what is the purpose of the account? Well, to give pride of place to normal women, who aren’t all necessarily a size 0.

Check out the video above to see the cheeky pics for yourself!

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