Paul McCartney Often Dreams About The Beatles Getting Back Together

In the 60s, the Beatles wowed thousands of people all across the planet with their music. Four trendy men made themselves living legends and their songs became well-known by all generations…

Paul McCartney Often Dreams About The Beatles Getting Back Together
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The Beatles, the group that shook up the crowd. A group of four guys, adored by their thousands of fans all around the world. A group that rocked us for a decade before they split up. Ten years together that bonded them for life. Unfortunately, the friendship between these four men was shattered when John Lennon was killed by a deranged fan on 8th December 1980. 20 years later, George Harrison passed away as a result of lung cancer on 29th November 2001.

Unwavering ties

Despite the loss of his two friends, Paul McCartney says they are still a big part of his life, as he declared on air to the BBC, explaining that he often dreams about them.

‘It would have been great to get the Beatles back together again. […] People always say what if? But we can’t, so sadly, that’s not going to happen. […] But do you know where it does happen? In my dreams.’

In fact, McCartney has revealed that he often imagines being back with his two old friends.

‘As a musician, you often have dreams about being in the studio or on stage, so I’m often with the guys.’ But since reality is better than every dream in the world, Paul McCartney tried to organise a reunion with the fourth member of the band, Ringo Starr. During one of McCartney’s concerts in London on 16th December last year, the two friends stood on stage and together, they performed their famous song, Get Back.