Mia Khalifa Sets Instagram Alight In Latest Lingerie Posts

Generous as she often is with her fans, Mia Khalifa has once again decided to spoil them by posting a picture on IG that's so hot it could make us go from winter to summer in a heartbeat!

After posting a hot shot with her boyfriend in January, and celebrating her birthday last week, Mia Khalifa has once again set the Internet on fire with another sexy Instagram shot.

In this one, the former adult film actress-turned-sports journalist, strikes a pose in light lingerie, more specifically in a very, very low-cut bra that highlights the size of her very ample breasts. This is certainly not the first time that the pretty 25-year-old brunette has put her lovely chest forward, but every time, the least we can say is that her pictures are very popular with her fans.

Indeed, her 13.3 million subscribers on Instagram have a wealth of pictures to choose from, as the young model, who posts regularly, always knows how to flaunt her assets to the greatest effect...

Check out the video above to see more of Mia's latest hot posts...

Mia Khalifa Is Stunning In Sheer Lingerie On Instagram Mia Khalifa Is Stunning In Sheer Lingerie On Instagram