Emily Ratajkowski Unveiled The Best-Selling Ultra Sexy Outfit From Her Clothing Line

To announce the return of the highlights of her collection, Emily Ratajkowski published a very sexy photo.

Since the creation of her Inamorata brand in 2017, Emily Ratajkowski has been in the habit of promoting her collections on her Instagram account.

Recently, she also attended the Michael Kors fashion week show in New York wearing an ultra tight suit from her line. Shortly afterwards Emrata posed again, this time with the American model Ashley Graham who is pregnant with her first child, to promote her fashion pieces.

More recently, the 28-year-old woman posted another photo online where she was posing in a grocery store in lace underwear. On Saturday, September 28th, she again made a post entitled: ‘Our new and best selling pieces now available in classic back.’

In this photo, the woman who made a name for herself in Robin Thicke's ‘Blurred Lines’ music video posed in her signature one-piece swimsuit. Very low-cut with an XXL neckline, it hides only a tiny part of her body.

More sexy than ever in this outfit, this post was a real hit on the web and received nearly 2 million 'likes.' In the comments section she received a shower of compliments with many ‘flame,’ ‘heart’ and ‘red rose’ emojis, all highlighting the sex appeal of the pretty brunette: ‘Wow you look beautiful,’ ‘Damn you look hot’ and ‘The boss’ can all be read.

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