After Being Slammed For Her Figure, This Bodybuilder Had The Best Response

A young woman posted pictures of her abs on the internet and despite her true success, this bodybuilder has been receiving criticism. Some internet users have even called her ‘disgusting’.

After Being Slammed For Her Figure, This Bodybuilder Had The Best Response
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Social media sites are often a source of conflict and this story proves that completely. Chloe Madeley is a 28-year-old British woman who really takes care of her body. She has worked very hard for years to get the body she has today.

This bodybuilder therefore decided to post a photo of her impressive abs on her Instagram account. Although a lot of people have praised her for her efforts, not everyone agrees withthis opinion. One woman even called her ‘disgusting’, saying that she was the complete opposite of femininity.

Chloe Madeley, obviously affected by these words, responded to this comment in the best way possible, by saying that no one can dictate how women should look.

‘What’s disgusting is your brain,’ she writes.

The Personal Trainer added. ‘Imagine if I came to your page and started calling you disgusting. I would never do that. Because as ‘disgusting’ as you might think I look on the outside, my character is warm and compassionate and supportive of all, especially women. The same cannot be said for you, I’m afraid.’

She finished by saying, ‘Let me guess, freedom of speech? Just a different opinion? I wonder if racists and homophobes hide their hate behind the same excuses? Probably.’