Is your car one of the most frequently stolen cars in the UK?

Our cars are something we hold near and dear to our heart. It goes without saying that a vehicular investment is one of the last things we’d like to have stolen; however, it does occur from time to time. To avoid that: make sure your next car isn’t on the list of the UK's most stolen!

Is your car one of the most frequently stolen cars in the UK?
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Waking up one morning and seeing that your car has disappeared from your driveway is definitely not the best news you could arise to. In the previous few years, the UK has seen a significant spike in car theft.

Despite the fact that anti-theft technology has been booming with consumers eagerly adopting them to prevent their cars from being jacked, rates have nevertheless been increasing. Rivervale Leasing unveiled some statistics that show 56,288 vehicles were stolen last year. That's 1 every 9 minutes or 154 per day.

It goes without saying that the newer and prettier cars present themselves as more attractive targets for potential thieves. Carjackers have become a bit savvier in recent years and have employed the use of certain tools to override new-age digital security measures. Reports have revealed the most popular models destined to be stolen – so if you’re keen to make an upgrade soon, best avoid one of the following.

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The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars In The UK:

1. BMW X5

2. Range Rover Sport

3. BMW M3

4. Mercedes C-Class

5. Mercedes E-Class

6. BMW 3 Series

7. Range Rover Autobiography

8. Range Rover Vogue

9. Land Rover Defender

10. BMW 5 Series