12boxers were combined to reveal the perfect fighter

Every iconic boxer has a unique talent that helped bring them to the top. But what if there was one person that had all the qualities of the strongest boxers? Twelve talents have been combined to reveal what the ultimate fighter would look like.

12 Boxers Were Combined to Reveal the Perfect Fighter
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Sky Sports has combined the unique qualities of twelve boxers, both past and present to revealthe perfect fighter. Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali are of course part of the mix and have been picked for their respective uppercut and stamina.

Floyd Mayweather and Roy Jones Jr also made the list for their well-known defence and reflexes.

Others who made the list included Jake LaMotta, Johnny Tapia, Erik Morales, Felix Trinidad, Lennox Lewis, Joe Louis, Manny Pacquiao and Vasyl Lomachenko.

However, the image released had many people questioning Sky's choices. One Twitter user commented:

"Seriously? Jab, Lennox Lewis over Larry 'best jab in boxing"
Lennox Lewis vs Tyrell Biggs Getty Images

another stated:

"The Psyche should be on here as well, Tyson Fury to achieve what he has after what he went through, Roberto Duran had the heart of a lion. Etc.. Etc..."

While a third commented that some of the best boxers of all time deserved a place on the list also:

"Why are none of the 'specialities' that of Joe Calzaghe, an undefeated British fighter! One of the best British fighters of all time!"

Other boxing fanatics have taken to Twitter to construct their own perfect fighter with Mayweather and Tyson being popular choices for every list.


Check out the video above to see the complete list Sky Sports put together to make perfect fighter!