This Thai Man Filmed Himself Pulling A 10-Meter Tapeworm From His Backside

Some true stories are straight out of a gory horror movie. This is one of them. A Thai man named Kritsada Ratprachoon was horrified by what he saw after going number two.

It was just a normal day in the life of Kritsada Ratprachoon, a young Thai man. He went to work, not suspecting that, a few hours later, he'd be having a very sh**** day -- literally.

The young man, who was starting to feel a stomach ache coming on, figured he just needed to go to the bathroom, so he went ahead and did just that.

However, the pain persisted after he went number two and worsened throughout the day. Ratprachoom told the media that, when he went back to the bathroom, he felt like he wasn't done pooping like there was still something in there.

He got up to see what it was. At first, he thought it was a rope or gauze because he had undergone surgery recently. But it looked elastic and was shrinking and stretching.

So, he kept pulling on it, then showed it to his girlfriend, who is a nurse. The "rope" was about 10 meters long and his girlfriend explained that it was not a rope, but rather a tapeworm. A parasite.

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